Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena »FLUX« offers an experience for all senses. The audio-visual environment invites visitors to take a break from everyday life and provides an energetic space of three ecosystems: water, wind and light. Calming effects of nature are transformed into a dynamic flow of abstract elements and behaviours creating a reality of its own. Soundscapes and visuals endlessly reinvent themselves and react to each other based on generative design principles. Thereby different environments and populations become alive in infinite variations.



Mediawalls & Worlds

Wooden walls are combined with screens of different sizes to open various perspectives on the world behind. Subtle glimpses trigger our senses and imagination. A small touch panel in each room allows basic control apart from the fully automated system. Through the use of analog materials high-tech almost becomes invisible to form a hybrid space.

Underwater. Elements in zero gravity and in a constant flow: from small particles of plankton to abstract swarms. Light rays illuminate the marine world and its inhabitants. Graceful movements of floating jellyfish and manta rays are exposed.


In the grasslands. Leaves of grass gently wave in the wind in various intensities and unveil different patterns of turbulence. Seeds of plants are carried through the air. 

In the forest. The sun sparkles through leaves and branches of abstract trees. Alternating lights and shadow highlight particles of dust dancing in the light. Depth of field and lens flares emphasize the calming atmosphere.

Digital Posters

Circle shaped objects in the shop window communicate site-specific informations in an emotional context. Elements from the three worlds water, wind and light are combined with typography in motion. Micro and macro animations of all objects are choreographed globally to form a common visual language.

Object & Material
Materiality, dimension and shape goes beyond traditional screen formats and becomes an artifact of its own.

image sources: 
cover image, meeting rooms and wooden walls: © Bodo Dretzke
other images: Onat Heklimoglu, Andreas Muxel, Michael Schmitz, Anton Kliuyeu